Shipping, Framing & Guarantee


My paintings and giclées do not require framing or glass, though you can add them if you’d like. 

My originals are usually either canvas stretched on sturdy wood frames with painting continuing around the sides (“gallery wrap”) or gesso board “cradled” panels with painting on the front surface. For those who don’t know, these boards are rigid supports made from sustainable birch plywood, with sanded sides that act as self-frames. They are free of formaldehyde and harmful VOCs, as well as archival and US-produced.

My giclées (one-at-a-time fine art reproductions) are done using a special ink jet printer on canvas, which is then stretched over sturdy wooden supports. The painting continues around the sides (“gallery wrap”) as with the original canvases. They are coated with a UV protectant and designed to last at least a lifetime.

I number mine, so that you know that you will have one of a limited series. This balances uniqueness with affordability. And, to be honest, my giclées are hard to distinguish from originals, though you might be able to tell in a side-by-side comparison because I tend to use texture in my originals (giclée is flat). I can always share more images with you to help you compare and decide what you’d like.

My cards are printed by a fine art reproductionist with an Oce Vario laser printer on medium weight (80 lb) acid-free, smooth, opaque, low environmental impact paper. Each comes with an envelope (white vellum 70 lb).



You may find the idea of shipping art intimidating. Fear not (or at least not too much); I take great care ensure my babies arrive safely at their adoptive homes! 

If yours is an original, I will have Armadillo shipping, and excellent local art shipper, package it in one of their specially sized and padded art boxes and then send it to you with non-stick covering on the face, its certificate of authenticity, insurance, and tracking. Their website is, and under the pull down menu for “boxes”, you can scroll down to see an image of the “ArtBox” they will use. PS- They invented these boxes, which are really quite protective; I advise keeping your piece’s box for future storage, moves, etc if possible.

If your “baby” is a giclée, I will cover it in stick-resistant glassine art paper, then carefully wrap it in bubbles with its certificate of authenticity, paying special attention to the corners (the part of paintings most often damaged). Finally, I will place it in a sturdy double walled cardboard box with plenty of tape and “fragile” labeling. I currently ship giclées by FedEx ground, which requires about 4 days.

I’ll also email you “unboxing” instructions- no, it’s not complicated, but I’d hate for you to put a pair of scissors or box cutter in the wrong place! In the unlikely event that damage occurs in transit, please take pictures of the painting and box on arrival and contact me immediately. I’ll do what is necessary to make it right, but having this documentation will help me fix it.

Delivery time for originals is 3-4 business days for preparation, plus the time required by shipping (I’ll let you know that time once I have your shipping address). For giclées, delivery time is approximately 1 week for production and preparation, plus the shipping time (again, I’ll give you an estimate once I have the delivery address). 

Cards in dozens will come to you by USPS priority mail, and singles by regular first class mail with rigid cardboard, labeled “DO NOT BEND!” With the exception of holidays and vacations, I’ll get them in the mail within 1-2 business days after your order.



First and foremost, I guarantee you will receive what you ordered! I post high-resolution images with a “magnify” option. I also work to ensure that online images reflect colors accurately (as you can guess from my work, I’m pretty picky about that!), and that the giclées are of top quality (designed to last a lifetime with reasonable treatment, including UV coating on the front surface). However, if you need more information, please contact me for additional photos (with different lighting or background, for example) or video. Also, as noted under “Shipping”, I will deal with any damage in transit. 

Once you’ve chosen your piece, though, I consider that a commitment. Neither of us wants to spend time, money, and energy shipping art around, especially when we can share all the images and video we need beforehand.