Do you love bold and brilliant color?

Do you like art that makes you feel happy and energized?

Do you like to be connected to the natural world, even when you’re indoors?...and appreciate it with fresh eyes each time you’re outdoors?

Then, kindred spirit, please read on!

My Work- getting up close and personal with the life of the desert

I paint to celebrate the life force of the natural world, especially the plants and animals of the high desert where I live. Painting is a form of meditation for me in which I’m able to be fully awake and engaged with these lives and to bring myself back into balance by being with them; I believe that we are all necessary parts of a whole. I hope my paintings help viewers to slow down, remember to connect with their own environments, and renew their amazement at the non-human lives around us all. Even a single cactus on a hillside is remarkable! 

My Journey- including art, biology, spirituality…and just plain fun!

I have been painting ever since I could pick up a brush and find a wall. My preschool teacher was worried that I spent too much time at the easel, making images only I could understand, while laughing, crying, and talking to them. I moved on to spend up to 8 hours a day doing detailed life drawings, followed by watercolor seascapes and landscapes, and eventually oils.

I have other passions, biology among them. I’ve always wanted to understand the world, especially the natural one. In order to support myself (and to be able to make art without undue commercial influence), I initially pursued science and healing arts as a career, though I never stopped creating art. 

As I entered “mid-life”, I realized in my bones (and not just my mind), that it was “now or never” if I was going to make art full time. I also realized that I had partly been avoiding it because of fear of failure. I jumped anyway…and am so glad I did! My work has grown immensely, as have I. I look forward to sharing my very best work with you going forward.

My Creative Process-

I’ve always got my eyes open when I’m outdoors, whether I’m seeking inspiration, or just doing errands, gardening, or running. When something intrigues me, I stop, study it and take pictures with my iPhone, thinking especially about composition, form, and light. Back in the studio, I make simple pencil drawings and decide how best to bring out my subject’s unique qualities. I also ponder colors.

Then the painting fun begins! I use acrylic, which I love. It allows me to create an almost infinite range of colors, textures, and effects; depending upon the way I mix it, or what I add to it, I can make it behave like the watercolors and oils I’ve used in the past…or like something else entirely. I can also collage into it, or add other substances to it without destroying it (I’ve even added sand). Many times, I will go back, adding multiple layers and details, until a painting feels ready to “leave the nest” and be shared.